Survivor Jenna Lewis homemade sex tape

In 2004, an explicit 42-minute sex tape emerged featuring Jenna Lewis, the two-time Survivor contestant, and husband Travis Wolfe in a Las Vegas hotel room. Originally it was reported that Jenna and Travis made the sex video purely for their own private use and that it was accidentally leaked onto the Internet. In subsequent interviews, Jenna even talked about the embarrassment she said she felt at the prospect of anybody being able to see her naked and performing sexual acts.

However, this came into question as reports appeared suggesting that Jenna deliberately made and released the sex tape in order to increase her fame and profit from it. In some interviews, Jenna even mentioned how people could buy the video, arousing further suspicion. In December 2004, the New York Daily News reported that she, her husband and her manager were behind the website selling the video, and were receiving 70 percent of the money being made from internet sales.

American reality show contestant and occasional television personality Jenna Lewis porn videos and photos

Jenna Lewis porn videos and photos

















Right before the airing of Survivor All-Stars, the Survivor shows star 26 year old Jenna Lewis who was a favorite of the show, eloped with her 21 year old boyfriend male model Travis Wolfe and they ended up making the Jenna Lewis sex tape video that made its way to the net later.

On their first night as a married couple they shot this 42 minute long sex tape that found its way on the internet shortly after she was booted from the hit reality show. Jenna tried to deny the video at first as one of the deal of being on reality shows is they ask you about any scandals that may pop up and she said no.

The tape is very explicit and yes, the people are right Jenna is a moaner and likes things a bit messy we guess. She does pretty much what ever and the couple have sex about 4 times during this entire time. hehe

Calls to Jenna’s reps did not happen as she has no management team. However, Jenna finally admitted that yes in fact the sex tapes are of her and her husband on their honeymoon and that they where never meant for public viewing.

Survivor Jenna Lewis homemade sex tape

Survivor Jenna Lewis homemade sex tape

Jenna Lewis (born July 16, 1977) is an American reality show contestant and occasional television personality. She is best known from her time as a contestant on Survivor: Borneo (season one), finishing eighth, and Survivor: All-Stars (season eight), finishing third. She later gained further fame for her 2004 sex tape which circulated on the Internet.

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